Developed a site for Steinworks Building suppliers. This site features a rich CMS system developed using WordPress as a platform. I was responsible for dynamic content delivery as well as the Javascript.

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Fishgate Advertising


Developed a site for our own agency, Fishgate Advertising. This sites development was focused on being mobile responsive as well as CMS driven. I was responsible for the dynamic content delivery, CMS integration, and Javascript.

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Stellenbosch University Water Institute


An older site developed for the Stellenbosch University Water Institute. I was responsible for developing a custom CMS system with multi-language support, dynamic content delivery, Javascript.

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Developed a site for a local television show on DSTV KykNet. is a site for archiving and delivering the latest episodes of the show, and allows the viewers to give feedback and interact with one another. This is the first phase of the website, with much bigger plans in the future. I was responsible for the dynamic content delivery and Javascript.

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Ctrack Intelligent Solutions


One of the first sites I developed on the WordPress platform for Ctrack - Intelligent Solutions. I was responsible for all dynamic content delivery, CMS integration, and widget/plugin development.

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Brights Online


Developed a site for Brights hardware store. I was responsible for the delivery of dynamic content and Javascript.

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